Monday, September 20, 2010

Commercial Interruption

The seventh week of my sojourn with the Quakers presented two great opportunities for me to learn more, and I missed both of them. I had a school event from 10:00-2:00 pm, so I missed the morning worship meeting. But this past Sunday, and the next two Sundays, also features an afternoon event entitled Quaker Quest, which is a two-hour information session for people to learn about the Quaker faith. Click the link to learn more and to get the specific details for the next two Sundays.

Unfortunately for me, the traditional Irish group Lunasa was playing at the Worcester Hibernian Cultural Center on Sunday afternoon, and so I opted for Irish music--one of my great loves--over the Quakers. I do hope to make it next Sunday. If this blog has at all stirred your interest in the Quakers, consider taking a couple of hours on one of these next two Sundays to see whether you might have a little Quaker in you.

As I hope this blog has made clear, I find much to admire in the Quakers. They have inspired me to look very hard at my own life and spiritual beliefs, and to begin to take religion more seriously than I ever have before. Even though I will be parting company with them in a couple of weeks, to head off to explore my next spiritual tradition, I will miss them, and hope to continue practicing their form of silent worship on my own.

Check back next week for a report from Quaker Quest.

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