Monday, March 26, 2012

Update on Updates

So I have been busy working away on my current book project, Speaking About Cheating, tentatively scheduled for publication by Harvard University Press in 2013--assuming, that is, that I make my September 1st deadline. It's going to be close, but I think I will make it. I have enough pages now to make the project feel substantive, and I have the whole book mapped out pretty carefully. I just have to make sure I find enough hours in the days and weeks to come to get the prose down on paper.

And that should explain why I have not been doing too much updating on this blog--and why that will probably continue for at least the next couple of months. Until at least June, the only blog entries you will see here are updates on new speaking engagements, and entries related to my Chronicle of Higher Education column that month. My April column features an interview with Derek Bruff, the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Vanderbilt University, and focuses on the use of Twitter in order to help faculty expand what Bruff calls their personal learning network. I will post an entry here soon with a list of Bruff's favorite Twitter accounts for those of us interested in teaching and learning in higher education.

In the meantime I am continuing early, exploratory work on what I hope will become my next major project: taking on the literature survey. My most recent column in the Chronicle described my personal efforts to re-think how I approached and taught the survey course; I am preparing a roundtable proposal for MLA 2013 on how others have been experimenting with the surveys; and I have a meeting in April with editors from a major textbook publisher to discuss the possibility of constructing a new kind of survey textbook. More on all of that will follow, but probably not in too much detail until after I get my manuscript submitted in September.

Looking forward to my next chance to speak and work with colleagues on other campuses, which will take place in mid-May at the Institute for Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts at Oxford College at Emory University.

More to come soon on the value of Twitter to higher education faculty . . .

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