Friday, January 24, 2014

Scheduling (and a New Book!)

Lots of campuses seem to want to have a conversation about cheating and academic integrity--unsurprising--which means I have received lots of invitations this year to visit other colleges and universities (and even some high schools) to share the research from Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty.  I enjoy doing this, and try to accommodate as many invitations as possible.  This spring I'll be visiting Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Ohio State, and even a high school in Guatemala, among other places.  I am looking forward to them all.

However, I am booked solid at this point for the entire spring semester, given that I also have to teach my classes etc.  If you are interested in having me come help start a conversation about cheating on your campus, don't hesitate to contact me (look down and to the right for the e-mail address) but I am scheduling for the summer and beyond at this point.  I will be on sabbatical next year so will have more flexibility in my schedule.

I am also working on a new book project, and will be looking to get out and about next year to present some of those ideas and get feedback from working faculty.  Tentatively entitled On the Clock, the book argues that we can learn from recent research in cognitive theory how to make timely interventions throughout a standard class period to maximize learning.  These interventions stem from some basic ideas that seem to be emerging from the learning research right now, are quick and easy to apply at set points throughout a class period (i.e., in the first five minutes, at the thirty-minute mark, in the last fifteen minutes), and will work in almost any type of classroom environment, from lectures to collaborative learning classes.  

I will provide periodic updates on the project here, as well as sneaking some of the research into my upcoming Chronicle columns.

Have a great semester!  

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