Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Small Teaching!

So happy to announce that I finished the first draft of my new book, Small Teaching: From Minor Changes to Major Learning, on Monday of this week.  (Pictured: my wife and I celebrating this momentous event, and her school having a snow day, with a day of skiing.)

The book looks at recent research on learning from a variety of disciplines--cognitive psychology, education, neuroscience--and makes the case that we are actually doing a lot of things right in higher education teaching and learning--but that some small changes we can make to any type of course environment have the power to really boost student learning.  The book has pushed and driven my reading farther afield than usual, but it has led me into some fascinating new places in my own development as a teacher and I hope it will do the same for readers.  Although the book speaks most directly to college and university teachers, the basic "small teaching" approach will translate into any educational level, and I hope the writing and examples are accessible enough to open the book up to teachers everywhere.

I am going to take a week away from it as I travel to Hungary next week to give some workshops at Central European University, and then it will be a few weeks of revising, formatting, filling out the notes and so forth.  My drop-dead deadline is March 16th, which means I hope to have a very happy St. Patrick's Day celebration the next day.

Assuming that both I and the publisher stay on track, Small Teaching will be published by Jossey-Bass in early 2016. Can't wait!


  1. Just came across this - Belated congratulations! As always, the title just sings. Can't wait to read it!

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