Monday, October 30, 2017

Literary and Philosophical Criticisms

Note the all capital letters, which shows how important these papers are.
Welcome to readers of my latest column in the Chronicle of Higher Education, which appeared in the magazine on November 6th. 

In that column I refer to the collection of essays from my undergraduate years which I collected, during the final week of my senior year, into a yellow folder that I labeled "Literary and Philosophical Criticism."  I will note in my defense that I got this idea from one of my roommates, who actually had his papers all bound together into a book that he titled "The Collected Works."  My yellow folder paled in comparison.

Nevertheless, here it is in all its glory, along with action shots of two of the papers I referenced in the article.

Philosophizing about Aristotle in sophomore year.

Fall of senior year: the writing has definitely improved.

And the lesson to take away from all of this, as you read columns in which I include personal anecdotes: I'm not making this stuff up.

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